About Us

Our company is one of the contractual contract companies in respect of construct the Roads , Pavments, Earthimage185 works ,schools, hospitals, health insurance unit and water treatments unit, sanitary works ..etc. as we have contracted with several international non-governmental organizations such as CPA ,Danish ,UNICIEF, PU French organization, Life organization, GOAL organization and UNDP as well as governmental departments such as Basrah government, Public Health department. Basrah Electric department an so on of the department as we still contracting with several organization and governmental department .
We are ready to cooperate with you to execute your plans and supplying the advanced technical staffs to achieve these projects. If you need any further information, please do no hesitate to contact us.
Finally, we wish to build a friendly relation with you to rehabilitate our dearest country. Best thanks and appreciation for your highly affronts to rehabilitate our country.
Below the quality and technical information for our company, this quality manual defines the organization, responsibilities, objective and procedures used to assures quality, reliability and safety of products at (Al Suraifi Co.). This manual is available to all current and potential Customers. Records and further detailed documentation may be examined by Customer Representative at (AL-SURAIFI CO.). With the approval of the quality Group.
Our company works in the fields of erections and construction bridges and large buildings.
Through such these possibilities our company can provide private, hybrid and public sectors with its services in completing infrastructure projects by its competent and loyal staff .